Puerta Verde is a real estate development in which refrigerated warehouses will be sold and leased for the wholesale commercialization of horticultural products.

An ideal place to promote the Mexican countryside and create a point of sale in the United States for Mexican producers.

Our goal is to reduce intermediaries
and link producers directly with
Houston buyers.

Reduce Intermediaries
Reduce intermediaries, to give competitive prices and support the producer to sell more and at a better price.

Consolidate in one place
Consolidate in a single site to merchants, small and medium producers, service providers and consumers.

Lower the percentage of losses
Giving output to second and third, creating added value. The losses go from 15% to 40% depending on the product.

An ideal place to promote the
Mexican countryside

Our Services
Currently, the process of marketing to the United States requires many intermediaries. There are few producers who manage to cross the border directly, and even less those who have access to the final customer.

Main characteristics of Puerta Verde:

Diversified sales channels that will maximize sales volumes.

The surplus of daily merchandise of the food complex will find exit either as a raw material in the production of natural juices, in fruta cortada packaging, or for direct sale in fruit trucks.

Puerta Verde Linking
investors, buyers
and producers

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