Growing Hispanic

Texas has the highest Hispanic population growth rate in the usa. According to the us census bureau over half of the population growth in Texas since 2010 can be attributed to the Hispanic community.

In a period of six years, this community grew from 25.1 million to 27.9 million while the anglo population had a growth of around 400k. the incredible growth of the Hispanic population allows a advantageous situation for a market specializing in latin produce, especially in the Houston metro area. This growth also impulses the business sector, according to the research agency GeoScape Hispanic business in housotn has grown 57% in the last 8 years totaling in 4 million Hispanic owned bussines. This growth tendency is not slowing down, according to recent statistics latin owned business in housotn are growing 15x quicker than anglo owned business.

Hispanic produce hubs in housotn

Taking advantage of the Hispanic population growth in Houston, Puerta Verde has the objective of positioning itself as the hub of Hispanic produce in housotn. This project aims to satisfy the growing demand of agricultural products in north housotn, where current supply is low. Puerta verde seeks to to renovate the produce market to supply produce in a region where according to port of housotn studies a deficit exists.

Direct link between farms and consumers

Due to alliances with Mexican farmers and a trans border supply chain, Puerta verde is in a perfect position to capitalize in housotns demand for produce. Puerta verde will be the link that connects the Mexican field with the American consumer without the need of intermediaries. This will lead to a wide array of opportunities for both the producers and the consumers. Mexican farmers will have access to a whole new market where they will be able to offer there products at very competitive price due to the lack of middleman. On the other end buyers will have acces to a fresher product at better prices.


Puerta Verde will be located in north harris county’s most connected and privileged zones highway 59, one of houstons most transited roads and close to different commercial areas whre a great deal of consumers are located. Puerta Verde is 2.5 miles form beltway 8, 3 miles form iah, 10 miles form i-45 and 10 miles from grand parkway 99. The hub will be built in the 500 year flood free zone.

Modelos de Locales

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