The opportunity
to buy direct from
the Mexican field

Puerta Verde is the agricultural market that eliminates the prices of intermediaries and allows you to find wholesale and wholesale fruits and vegetables, finding in this place the complete basket, reducing waste.

At present, this industry suffers the intervention of up to 3 intermediaries before reaching the final consumer, which increases the price of the products and makes the logistics chain more complex so that your products arrive in a timely manner.

Fresh Fruits
and Vegetables
in Houston

Puerta Verde will be a marketing center where Mexican fruit and vegetable producers will be concentrated to offer products and merchandise to the Hispanic market in Houston.

Thanks to the direct contact we maintain with Mexican producers and our extensive network of logistics providers, we can offer the best products in terms of quality and price in Houston.

Safe and Accessible

All products offered at Puerta Verde have been grown and produced in accordance with the
sanitary standards required in the United States. Due to the care and handling of these products, we can ensure both freshness and quality, and with more competitive prices in the area.

Each of the products we offer is stored in specially designed and equipped wineries to maintain their freshness, guaranteeing the quality of the products.

All the products that will be marketed in Puerta Verde, are duly certified before the various Public Health and Agriculture agencies in Mexico and the United States.

Freshness and Quality


We work hand in hand with producers and consumers, so we strive to reduce the differences in volumes of purchase and sale, as well as give exit to different qualities with the intention of reducing shrinkage and continue to offer the best prices in the region.

Organic Consumption in

The growing interest in consuming fresh and organic foods in metropolitan areas has made it easier for Houston to join the ranks of cities like San Francisco and Portland, which already experience this strong trend. In fact, sales of sustainable, fresh and organic products in the United States have registered a constant growth of 8% since 2009, reaching $ 26.7 billion in 2017. This has led to the emergence of a large number of establishments focused on selling this type of products, to satisfy the growing demand of consumers who love fresh fruits and vegetables in Houston.

Puerta Verde will always look for the most competitive prices for both the consumer and the producer, thus having a fair trade.

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