Taking advantage of the Trends
in Consumption Habits

The opportunity to invest in a 100% profitable business

The US fruit and vegetable market was valued at 104.7 billion dollars in 2016 and has experienced strong growth in the last two years.

The increase in the consumption of fruits and vegetables among the American population is due to two marked trends.

The Puerta Verde project has recognized this trend and seeks to position itself in the Texan market to take advantage of the fruits of this imminent growth.

Connecting Supply and Demand

Mexico has established itself as the main exporter of fruits and vegetables to the United States. In fact, it has registered a constant growth in its exports, with an average of 5% per year. This has placed Mexican producers as leaders in the export of tomatoes, artichokes, avocados, celery, cucumbers, eggplant, olives, onions, papaya, spinach, etc.

However, there are still many producers who have not managed to avoid the complex process of certification to export their products, so they have not been able to expand their market in the United States.

Puerta Verde is a project that seeks to establish a Marketing Hub for Agricultural Products in Houston, in which small, medium and large consumers can acquire fresh, high-quality Mexican fruits and vegetables.

Our goal is to eliminate all types of intermediaries, with which we can ensure consumers, the best products and producers, the best prices for their products.

The Project

Built-in Harris County, in one of the most connected and privileged areas of North Houston.

Puerta Verde will be located on Highway 59, which is one of the busiest roads in Houston, at a point very close to various shopping areas, where a large number of consumers are concentrated.

Located at: 2.5 miles from Beltway 8, 3 Miles from Houston International Airport, 10 miles from Highway 45, 10 miles from Ring Grand Parkway 99, located in the “Flood Free Zone”, which was conceived within the Plan of Floods, which covers up to 500 years.

Puerta verde


Puerta Verde is a very profitable project, offering investment opportunities with an IRR that can reach up to 27.35% *, and with investment packages ranging from $ 250,000 USD.

Always having the option that investors, instead of receiving their contribution, may choose to keep ownership of a local within the project.

The Project is carried out in three phases.

First phase
(July 2017) the land on which it will
be developed and 50% of the total investment
has been capitalized.

Second phase
will be the Project Design, Pre-Sale of
Sections A and B will begin with the urbanization
of the land and will conclude with
the construction and delivery of sections A and B.

Third phase
The last phase will be the urbanization,
construction, sale, and delivery
of sections C and D.

Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors of Puerta Verde is made up of experts
in the industry, including:

Arturo Lozano (Former Vice President of Administration and Finance of HEB Supermarkets)

Arturo Fontes (Expert in Border Security and Former Head of Office & Coordinator of the FBI in Mexico)

Alejandro Ortiz (Owner of Real Estate Developer Tepal Homes LLC)

Daniel Martínez (Former Representative of the USDA before the World Trade Organization), etc.

PTO know more about investment amounts, the status of the phases of the project and other features do not hesitate to contact us.

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Quality Assurance and
Additional Services

The Puerta Verde complex will be subject to the highest quality requirements according to the market. To do this, it will promote producers who are not yet certified to do so, in this way they will reach more markets and obtain better prices for their products. The “Puerta Verde Management” service is also offered, which will be completely optional and will offer different services for the producers and owners of the premises, including: estate collection, customs permits, customs clearance, reception, groupage, physical classification, sensory classification , storage, repackaging, maneuvers, distribution, waste disposal, processing and direct sale to the consumer.

Puerta Verde Linking
investors, buyers
and producers

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