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Taking advantage of the Demographic Trend

The data published in the last North American census confirm that the Hispanic population is growing at an accelerated rate.

It is expected that within the next few years the Hispanic population in these cities will experience exponential growth since the age of 70% of the Hispanic population in these cities is less than 20 years.

An important fact is that this Hispanic segment, contrary to what is thought, is composed of households with high incomes. In 2016 the average income per home in the city of Houston was $61,708.00 USD while the national average was $ 57,617.00 USD. It is estimated that around 15% of Mexican-American households have an annual income of $ 50,000 USD per year.

You are an agricultural producer and you want to have access to the North American market without intermediaries, reducing distribution costs, shrink and increase your profits.

A Door to
the North American

According to data from the market research firm, Strategy Research, Hispanics and Mexican-Americans spend more than $ 2,600 million dollars each year on groceries and restaurants.

There is a clear preference in this segment to consume fresh and seasoned food, with Mexican ingredients (chilies, cilantro, tomatoes, etc). However this type of vegetables and fruits (chayote, papaya, cactus, etc.), which are still difficult to obtain in the United States.

Hub of Mexican Agricultural Products in Houston

The consumption of Mexican foods (fruits and vegetables) will continue to grow rapidly in the area, which is why at Puerta Verde we have the clear determination to work directly with producers to get their products and merchandise to consumers in the United States. United via Houston.

We will facilitate contacts, storage spaces, access to distribution networks and advice on import matters to help Mexican agricultural producers overcome the complicated process of exporting their products to the United States.

We will put your products in direct contact with final consumers to ensure the sale of your products, by box, pallet, and even container, to the maximum possible value, where that value is for the producer/owner of the warehouse at a very competitive cost.

Connect to the product
Mexican to
United States

Advantages for
Mexican Agricultural

Reduce delivery times (reduction of intermediaries)

A possibility of investment
and becoming a winery owner

Improvement of the
logistics chain

Greater profit margin
and fair prices

Diversify customer

Reduction of losses
and shrinkage




Plans of Warehousing
Premium and Basic

Premium plan:
this is the most complete plan that Puerta Verde offers to all its producers, ideal if you are starting to export your products abroad or are taking this big step. Advice, Permits, Certifications, Contacts, Legal and more.

Basic plan:
This plan can be useful for those who already have an established business and want to diversify and increase both their client base and their positioning in the United States.

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